Waste Free Celebrations

In 2018 Emma Conyngham decided to make reusable Christmas Gift Bags because she was sick of the waste. Emma was also sick of wrapping presents for hours and hours on Christmas Eve. Now with the reusable bags everything is wrapped in half an hour. Then on Christmas morning, everything gets stuffed back into the biggest gift bag and they get put away until next year. Emma knew she was onto something when her mum and sister copied her. Now when the family exchange gifts, they simply trade bags back and forth. A circular economy was created in their family of reusing these bags year after year.

In 2021 Emma launched Happy Everything Bags which are reusable bags for any celebration. Her hope is to take the waste out of kids’ birthdays and to relegate unrecyclable wrapping paper and plastic bags to the dust bin of history.

The range now includes Christmas Re-Crackers, table cloths, table runners, cushions, tree ornaments, reusable gift tags and tissue wraps.

Waste Free Celebrations is a way to have fun, decorate beautifully, and enjoy celebrations responsibly.

Read the story behind the amazing sewing team and learn more about Waste Free Celebrations.

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