Barcodes for Books

Books normally have barcode numbers based on the ISBN number of the book. These barcodes are a special part of the retail barcode system, and start with 978. To get one of these ISBN barcodes, you obviously need an ISBN number. We can’t provide these, but you can get one from the NZ National Library. (if you don’t already have one)

These ISBN barcodes can be used worldwide

When you have your ISBN number, please order the barcode images for your number below:

  • ISBN Barcode Images (for Books)

    Barcode images (5 formats) based on your ISBN number sent to you by email. The images are emailed to you in 5 formats: jpeg, pdf, tiff, bmp & eps. You will be asked to enter your ISBN number into the form as you are checking out.

    QuantityPrice per image
    1 $ 30.00
    2 $ 25.00 each
    3 $ 20.00 each
    4 + $ 15.00 each
    10 + $ 8.00 each

Here are a sample of books that are using our ISBN barcode images:

ISBN Book Barcodes examples

“As a novice in this area it is great to see you providing this service as it was a bit daunting looking at having to join up an organisation with ongoing fees when all I required was one barcode from my ISSN number. Your website explains the process clearly as well as the options “ Richard

How to use your barcode:

Book Barcode using an ISBN number

You will receive your barcode images by email. We will send the images in 5 different formats (jpeg, pdf, tiff, eps & bmp) – you can choose which format you prefer to use. The ISBN number needs to be printed somewhere on the cover of the book.

ISBN Barcode with Price Code:

ISBN with Pricec Code


If you want your barcode to include a price code, like in the example above, please let us know when making your order (you can request this in the “additional information” section when checking out, or else send us an email).

Book Barcode with Price Code (jpeg)

“Thanks David, that’s probably the quickest and easiest part of the whole book to organise!!” Robyn

“Thank you for making this so easy! I wish the other steps in publishing were as trouble free!” Jacquelyn

“Thanks very much for the prompt reply. Fantastic service and exactly how I wanted my barcode presented.” Trevor

“Well I did read the many words on your web site and didn’t understand what it is I really need.. So this is what I do.. I am a new New Zealand author and in so being I write books..lucky me huh.. I write children’s picture books and I have an artist who works with me who creates the very best illustrations ever seen.. well according to me that is.. We have our first book out there already.. by out there I mean we have our first book published and by published I mean self published.. Well we weren’t clever enough to get the big publishers to take our book on so we did it ourselves..clever eh… Well actually we weren’t that clever because we over looked the “BAR CODE”.. Holy mackerel and snapper I hear you say how could this be??… So here’s the situation which I am sure you may have wished I had got to a way sooner than now.. What do you recommend I do in this instance to get bar codes onto my books? What type of bar code is the best for money to get??… See I don’t know this stuff… Hmmm and that why I have come to the experts in such guys.” Gavin