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This service is automated so that you can buy a QR Code, and you will receive your QR code images in minutes. We need the URL or other information you wish encoded into the QR code to do this. The automation cannot make the QR code if you don’t supply this.

Decide how many QR codes you need, and add that quantity to the cart. Then, on the checkout page, enter the data or URL you want to be encoded into the “additional information” box, with separate URLs on separate lines.  Standard QR codes (Static and Dynamic) are made automatically and emailed to you within minutes. More complex QR codes, such as v-business cards, must be made manually and take 1-12 hours. V business cards can only be made static.

The QR code images will be sent to you in 5 formats .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps formats.

Quantity    Price per QR Code
1 $ 30.00
2 – 4 $ 25.00 each
5 – 9 $ 22.00 each
10 – 19 $ 18.00 each
20 + $ 15.00 each


We have TWO types of QR codes available here for website URLs – Static and Dynamic (via URL hosting service)


Unlimited scans

Encode YOUR URL directly in the QR code

Are permanent  and will work as long as your website URL doesn’t change

It can’t be changed as the URL is encoded directly in the QR Code

(these can also be used for things other than URLs, e.g. encoding text, v business cards, sending an email or SMS message)


These use our Dynamic QR Code service, which enables the target URL to be changed repeatedly in the future if required.

Unlimited scans: Scans of the Dynamic QR Code are UNLIMITED so long as you don’t abuse the QR code with millions of scans that cause technical problems such as crashed servers.

Functions for life: Will function FREE for two years. Then, it will continue to function after that for as long as you pay a biannual hosting fee of $30.

Unlimited redirection of the target URL: On initial purchase, you specify a target URL. You can ask us to REDIRECT the target URL as often as you wish at a fee of $15 for each redirection.

Custom Tracking Reports: Need to see how often, time of day, most popular day and which country your QR codes are being scanned? Order a dynamic QR code, and we can supply TRACKING REPORTS.

Redirect your QR code here.

Customise your QR Code here.

Things QR Codes can do

  • Bring people to your website
  • Bring people to your videos on YouTube or your social media
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty programs
  • Time Management systems
  • Asset tracking
  • Get Google Reviews for your company/service
  • Log on to your cafe/office wifi
  • Allow clients to ring you directly
  • Allow clients to email you directly
  • Allow clients to add events to their calendar

Printing Tips for QR Codes

  • Ensure lots of contrast. The optimum is black and white. Please watch our short video on colour.
  • Avoid highly reflective labels.
  • Spend some time deciding where to place the QR code.
  • Check the size before printing (remember the bigger the QR code, the further away the person scanning needs to stand)
  • Test, test, test your QR code before the final print. We recommend testing on different phones.

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