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You can purchase barcodes for spirits, wine, cider and beer products from below – you will receive EAN-13 barcodes that are suitable for use on all food and beverage products (including wines and beers), in New Zealand and around in the world. Please refer the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page if you need more information about barcodes for wine bottles. We have been selling barcodes to customers in New Zealand and worldwide for many years, and many of our customers are craft brewers, distillers and wine growers, wine distributors, and local businesses that produce and market wine, spirits and beer products.


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    EAN13 Barcode

    EAN-13 Retail Barcode Packages


    You will receive an email straight away with your EAN-13 retail barcode number, the barcode images as attached files (in 4 different formats), barcode registration instructions, and a guarantee certificate.

    This product includes free barcode/product registration on the International Barcodes Database (this is an optional service).

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FAQ’s about Barcodes for Wine and Beer Bottles                                                 


Usually, a 13-digit EAN-13 barcode is used on wine and beer bottles in New Zealand (and the vast majority of countries). You can buy these barcodes above, and we will promptly email them to you.

The New Zealand Winegrowers Labelling Guide advises that the EAN-13 barcode is the barcode typically used in New Zealand for wine products. The EAN-13 barcodes we sell are globally unique barcodes that comply with the standardised retail barcoding system used in New Zealand and worldwide. Our barcodes are compliant with all retail barcoding software and barcode scanners, both in New Zealand and worldwide.

It is not a legal requirement to have a barcode on your wine products. However, the vast majority of retailers require barcodes, so it’s a very a good idea to get them. Retailers use barcodes for stocktaking purposes (so that they can easily keep track of their inventory), and to make the sales/checkout process efficient and fast.

Every different retail product requires a different barcode number (including product variations such as size or wine type). You will need two EAN-13 barcodes if your wine is being sold both as individual bottles and in cartons to be sold by the case.

You need a different barcode for each product when the price changes. If the price is the same (across all the product variations), then you might get away with using the same barcode number on all the product variations. This depends on which retail stores you are selling your products in – the larger retail stores, in particular, might require a different barcode for each product variation (especially if they do stocktaking automatically, instead of manually).

Maybe. You will need a different barcode for each vintage if you have different vintages for sale, each with a different price, at the same time in the retail stores, to ensure the correct price appears when the barcode is scanned at checkout.

Some retailers and wholesalers require ITF-14 barcodes (also called GTIN-14 barcodes) to go on the pallets of wine, and wine cases.  An ITF-14 barcode goes on the delivery boxes that contain your wine bottles – please discuss this with your retailers to find out if they require these. ITF-14 barcodes are 14 digits long and are based on the 13 digit EAN barcode that goes on the wine labels. They are scanned when each delivery carton enters the warehouse/storage area so that your retailers know how many bottles of wine is in each box. This helps them to keep track of the remaining stock that’s in their warehouse and to know when they’re running low on a particular product and need to order more. Usually, you’ll need one ITF-14 barcode for each EAN-13 barcode that you have. You can purchase an ITF-14 barcode here if you need one. Occasionally a retailer/wholesaler might also require that you get an GS-128 barcode that encodes particular details (e.g. batch number, date, GLN number of the vineyard). If you need a GS-128 barcode we can provide this – please contact us for a quote (and tell us what information you need to be encoded into the GS-128 barcode).

No you don’t. All you need to do is to buy the barcodes on our website and pay by credit card. You will receive your barcodes automatically by email as soon as we receive your payment. Each barcode will be a globally unique sequence of 13 digits, encoded into a barcode image (the vertical black bars and white spaces). No product information will be encoded into the barcodes when you receive them – your barcodes and products will only be linked together once you give them to your retailers, and the retailers enter the information into their inventory system (after that, when the barcode is scanned, the product/price information will appear on the retailer’s checkout screen).

You can find more information on how to use your barcodes on this page. We also have a short (7 page) Barcode Buyer Document PDF that explains how to use your barcode.

This is not necessary. You can assign the barcodes to your wine bottles, incorporate them onto your wine/beer labels, and then start selling your product instantly. There is no obligatory barcode database for any retail product (including wine and beer) anywhere else. However, there are some (optional) general barcode databases available online that list different retail products. One of the best ones is the International Barcodes Database. When you buy “EAN-13 Barcode Packages” from us you will be able to register your barcodes for free on that database. Registration is an optional service, it is not compulsory. For more information about barcode registration click here.

Yes you can. We can send you a roll of barcode labels (via courier). We also do round labels for 4 pack carriers. This can be a good option if your labels were printed before you got a barcode (or if the barcode that was printed on the labels is not scanning correctly for some reason). You can purchase barcode labels here.