Testimonials from Customers

Recent feedback we have received from our New Zealand customers

“Wow! I thought since it was the weekend I wouldn’t hear from you until at least lunchtime Monday. I am extremely impressed with your service” – Amanda

“Thanks so much, David. What an efficient service you and your team run. Will definitely be in touch if/when we need another barcode image” – Raywin

“Thanks David – as your feedback on your website says this is indeed a very efficient and competitive service!” – Niall H

“Thanks David. My business is growing slowly and i am slowly introducing more product lines to the market. I will definitely be buying more bar codes in the near future” – Satish N

“Hello Amilia. your barcodes are great… its a bit of a pity that 95% of craft breweries in this country use GS1. thats wasting money” – Zac C

“Hi David, Many thanks for the rapid response. As it’s Sunday afternoon, I was expecting to have to wait until tomorrow! I will now put it on the artwork ready for sending to the printers in China. Best regards from a very wet Dunedin” – John M

“Wow, Less than 1 hour to provide a bar-code! It is a record! Thank you very much and see you next… Barcode” – Dario

“Wow, what great service, very fast, and exactly what I asked for, I really appreciate it. So THANK YOU :-)” – Doreen C

“Thank you very much. Superb and fast service. I look forward to dealing with you in future” – Andy W

“My Barcodes have just arrived, thankyou for that . Am looking forward to using you in the future” -Ross N

“Hello David, I couldn’t believe it when I turned on my computer today. The bar code is already arrived with different images, fantastic. You are wonderful, thanks heaps. You made my day 🙂 We are going to write a second cook book and you are our bar code men. Have a wonderful day and a fantastic week” – Steffi

“From the first telephone call it has been a pleasure to deal with you and your staff. First class service – Professional – Excellent advice – Amazing delivery – 10/10 Have recommended others to your company and will continue to do so” – John M

“Hi David, I like the certificate 🙂 I need two more barcodes. I am using them on my spice products retailing through Foodstuffs grocery stores and I have not had any issues” – Julia P

“Thank you very much indeed. It is very rare indeed to find a company which handles business deals with such efficiency and speed. the whole transaction took just about under an hour from ordering online to receiving the barcode via email…congratulations for that. I wished all companies I deal with would be so professional. Thank you again for your absolutely fantastic service…very much appreciated” – Fabian K

“Got them! David, thank you so much! This is unbelievable, this process takes 3 weeks normally, and I got everything in less than an hour. Nice work!” – Alex G

“They’ve arrived and great. THANK YOU. Will be in touch if I need more” – Emma H

“Thanks for the fabulous service and advice Amelia, I look forward to doing more business with you. And thanks for the eps too, beaut :)” – Ron S

“Within a few hours the new barcode was on my artwork and off to the printers. Thanks for a fantastic service” – Mushroom Gourmet

“Thanks David. Files received. Good, efficient, prompt service. Refreshing” – Sue

“Thanks David, that’s probably the quickest and easiest part of the whole book to organise!!” – Robyn P

“Yippee, so we’re all good to go! Many thanks for all your assistance David” – Wendy M

“Thanks very much David, you were right the barcodes do drag & drop. Have a great weekend” – Liz

“Thanks for that – excellent service 🙂 We plan to use the barcode on our Go NZ Immigration DVD that we’ll release later this year. Thanks again & best regards” – Brian R

“This is a very efficient service which allowed me to obtain barcodes and then receive printed labels within 72 hours. One headache elimiminated” – Displays Direct

“This is a fantastic service, as a small business it is hard to do everything and it is really nice to know that you can request a service, namely a barcode and have it done so efficiently and speedily. I was really impressed with the same day service I got and it has helped me to keep to a rigid deadline that I thought I was not going to meet. Even when I didn’t know what to do a simple phone call with very friendly and helpful service got it sorted asap!! You guys are great! I will definitely be back!” – Geraldine H

“The service you provide via the internet for purchasing a barcode is quick and easy and at a very reasonable price. I was able to forward my barcode graphics to my graphic artist immediately, who placed them into my packaging with no problems at all” – Vern R

“Thanks for you barcodes. Your company has provided a very convenient way of purchasing barcodes. It is especially helpful for small and medium size companies. Very nice people to deal with” – Sabrina M

“As a novice in this area it is great to see you providing this service as it was a bit daunting looking at having to join up an organisation with ongoing fees when all I required was one barcode from my ISSN number. Your website explains the process clearly as well as the options” – Richard K

“I thought the information you had on your website was really informative. You didn’t claim to have all the answers in terms of what international businesses may require but what you did say assured us that your business is a credible one to deal with” – Sheryll F

“This is a great service at a fraction of the normal cost of setting barcodes up, and even better there’s no yearly fees involved. A great way of recylcing old barcodes that companies don’t want to use anymore” – Trevor W

“Thank you for the batch of barcodes and the “added value” assistance to help sort out our barcode worries. You have been prompt and very helpful which is much appreciated” – Simon G

“Very fast, friendly, and helpful with email responses. Excellent service – very fast and exactly as described” – Lincoln W

And our favourite from George J. Laurer in the US (inventor of the UPC barcode): “You have the nicest site of those selling barcodes that I have seen”.

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