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Barcode Registration

NOTE – this is a service for barcode numbers that you already own.

Note – Our barcode packages include barcode registration. Hence the item on this page should only be purchased if you have bought a barcode through another company or an individual barcode number (not in a package) from us.

Barcode registration is an optional service that we provide. It is not compulsory to register your barcode and product (your barcode will work without registration) – however, it can be useful to get barcode registration because it improves the profile of your product on the internet.

If you order barcode registration from us, we will register your barcode number & product details on the major internet databases. (You need to tell us what your barcode number is). This means that your product will join the countless other products already registered in these databases. When search engines index the results, your barcode number & product details will be findable in internet searches. When smartphones scan your barcode, your product & company information will appear connected to your barcode. For more information about barcode scanners, go here.

  • Register your Barcode Number & ProductIBN logo

    If you purchase this item you will be able to register your 12 or 13 digit long EAN, UPC, or ISBN barcode numbers and product/company details on the International Barcodes Database (please note that information you submit to that database also feeds through to several other online barcode databases, so your product information should appear on several different online databases).

    Please enter your barcode number into the “additional information” section when you proceed to the checkout page. We will then send you an email to request proof of your barcode ownership. If we are satisfied that you are the legal owner of an authentic EAN, UPC, or ISBN barcode number then we will activate your barcode number for registration on the International Barcodes Database, and give you instructions for how to register it.


    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 +  $ 20 each
    5 +  $ 18 each
    10 +  $ 16 each
    20 +  $ 14 each
    30 +  $ 12 each
    50 +  $ 10 each

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