Barcode Pricing

Barcode Packages

– $59 for one barcode package (EAN-13 or UPC-A barcode number, images in 4 different formats, a guarantee certificate & barcode registration). Discounts for larger orders.

Barcode Numbers

– $49 for one EAN-13 barcode number (or UPC-A if preferred). Discounts for larger orders.

Barcode Images

$30 each (for images in 4 different formats): for EAN (or UPC) barcode numbers not purchased from our company or for any other type of barcode (ISBN, ISSN, ITF-14 Carton Code, 2D Barcode, QR Code etc).

$5 each for EAN barcode numbers purchased from our company

Sticky Barcode Labels

– $64 for a roll of 500 labels for your barcode number (includes a free verification report).

Barcode Verification

– $59 per barcode verification report (verification is a test-scan of your printed barcode, and is required by some retailers)

Barcode Registration

– $20 per barcode & product registration (This is included with our barcode packages, hence, should only be used if you are buying something else)

Guarantee Certificate

– $5 for a guarantee certificate sent by email (.pdf file). $30 for a printed guarantee certificate sent by post (incl. delivery to anywhere in NZ)

One guarantee certificate covers all the barcode numbers purchased at one time.

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