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EAN Barcodes for NZ

The most common retail barcodes in NZ are EAN barcodes – also called EAN13 barcodes, or GTINs.

These EAN barcodes are 13 digits, with the last digit being a calculated checksum.

The first few digits of the barcode number show the country of origin of THE BARCODE NUMBER – they say NOTHING accurate about the country of origin of the product.

The EAN barcodes we supply start with 07 – this shows that these numbers originated in the USA – they were issued by the UCC, which later became GS1-US. The EAN barcode numbers we supply are BRAND NEW – they have never been used on a retail product. We also check them for illegal use before we sell them (we search all the Amazon sites, Ebay sites, and google).

You can purchase EAN13 barcodes from us with confidence.