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Barcodes: As familiar a sight as the silver fern. From the products we pick up at the local shop to the books we borrow, these distinctive black-and-white patterns play a significant role in our Aotearoa lifestyle. Yet, how many of us truly know how to create, scan, or troubleshoot them effectively? Don’t let those lines and dots perplex you. Grasp the potential of barcodes and QR codes to enhance business processes, track stock, or simply satisfy your tech curiosity. Start your learning adventure with us. Dive into our easy-to-understand barcode and QR Code video tutorials and turn those patterns into robust tools for communication and commerce.


Why View Our Tutorials?

  1. From Beginner to Expert: Our video series progresses from foundational concepts to in-depth expertise.
  2. For All Kiwis: Whether you’re a retailer, librarian, or just tech-curious, our videos offer a comprehensive understanding for all.
  3. Clear and Concise Guidance: Each video distils complex ideas into clear, manageable steps, enhanced by vivid visuals.
  4. Troubleshooting Insights: Issues with barcodes not scanning? Dive into our tutorials for practical solutions.

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