How to Use Your Barcode

EAN barcode image (retail barcode)After you place your order, you will receive your EAN (or UPC) barcode by email. We will send you:

a. A unique EAN-13 barcode number (or UPC-12 barcode if preferred);
b. Barcode images (x5 – jpeg, tiff, bmp, vector eps, & pdf); and
c. A guarantee certificate.
d. Barcode Registration.

As soon as you receive your barcode you can start using it immediately (there is no need to register it anywhere). All you need to do is:

1. Insert the barcode image into the design for your packaging or label

Choose your preferred barcode image format (eg. vector eps), and insert the barcode image into the design for your label or packaging.

Alternatively, you can order sticky barcode labels for your number from our company.

2. Edit the barcode image (as required)

You can re-size the barcode image, if necessary. The standard barcode size is about 38mm wide x 25mm high. You can safely reduce the barcode down to 80% of this size (ie. down to 30mm wide), however you should not reduce the barcode width any more than this. Be careful not to chop off any of the ‘Left Quiet Zone or ‘Right Quiet Zone’ (these are the blank margins to either side of the barcode bars). See the recommended Barcode Dimensions.

It is best to print your barcode in black on white, however if you want to change the colour of your barcode, that is okay – just test the barcode thoroughly before getting it printed. If you are changing the colour of your barcode, make sure that the background is a warm colour (eg. red, yellow, orange) and the bars are a cool colour (eg. green or blue). This will provide the contrast needed for scanners to be able to decode your barcode. If you want to change the colours of your barcode (instead of using black ink on a white background) please see our Barcode Colour Guide PDF. For examples of barcode artwork please see this page.

NOTE: If your retailers require Barcode Verification (an official test scan of your final printed barcode) please make sure your barcode adheres to the appropriate barcode dimensions.

3. Print the packaging or label:

After you are happy with the size, colour and layout of your barcode, you can get it printed onto your packaging or label.

4. Get your barcode verified (if necessary):

Some retailers in New Zealand require barcode verification (verification is an official test scan of your final printed barcode, to ensure that it will scan well in retail stores). If your retailers require barcode verification, you will need to post a sample of your final printed barcode label (or packaging) to us for verification. Verification costs $59 per barcode. After your barcode has been verified, we will email the verification report to you.

5. Finally, give the barcode number & product to your retailers:

When your retailers receive your barcode and product, they will scan the barcode number into their system, and then enter the product information (name, description, price, re-ordering info). After that, when they scan your barcode the product information will appear on the retailer’s checkout screen.

6. Register your barcode number.

If you ordered a “Barcode Package” then your barcode email contained instructions for barcode registration. Registration is optional but it increases the profile of your product on the internet. It means that your barcode number and product information are entered into some of the major online barcode databases.


NOTE -Your barcode is in EAN-13 format, with 13 digits. it can be used in this format OR in 12 digit format without the leading 0. Either format is fine – it just depends on what retailer’s systems cope with. Some systems don’t like a leading 0, and hence they delete it. This is fine – the barcode can be used as a 12-digit number without the leading 0. Both numbers are effectively the same. You own both versions of the number. And actually, the bars (the stripey bits) are identical for both versions – the only thing that changes is the number under the bars, and the layout of that number (they have the spaces in different places).

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