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Our EANs in action

We are proudly based in Auckland, New Zealand and we are forever dreaming up new plant-based products. From Wild & … Continued
Auckland-based, Zorilla Men’s Grooming started in June 2018. The two of us were talking how crazy the female make up … Continued
  Honeysticks make a range of natural, non toxic products. Honeysticks were developed for a New Zealand preschool that was … Continued
SustainaBLAH is an Auckland-based company specialising in sustainable products. Everything is designed with our environmental footprint in mind. Products include … Continued
Humate Solutions sells organic humate, fertilisers and animal supplements for farmers, home gardens and plant nurseries. I have been operating … Continued
            Mellow Cosmetics was launched in 2014 as a female founded beauty brand. I started … Continued
Bella Vacca Jerseys Ltd is ​a small family business in Northland. We produce pasteurised milk in Swap-a-glass bottles.  We found … Continued
I found Barcodes Ltd online when I searched for Barcodes NZ. They have an easy friendly website, great phone service … Continued
Solvej Swings is a swing manufacturing company operating out of a tiny village in the Central North Island of New … Continued
  Tot’s Pantry is a frozen foods manufacturer making health convenience meals for young children (1-5 years). We know busy … Continued