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Twisted Citrus‘s adventure began in 2003 when Sandy and Bron Kemp bought a lifestyle property with a bare paddock on the outskirts of Gisborne. The soil comprised of exceptionally fertile heavy silt loam, renowned in the district for its growing power. So they planted some orange trees… unbeknown to them the Twisted journey had begun

After a few years, the trees were producing enough oranges to take to market. Initially, fruit was sent via the traditional route – wholesale/packhouse/supermarket. But without contact with the end customer and no comfort that the oranges would reach consumers with their quality and flavour intact.

So they took destiny into their own hands, hitting the road and selling their delicious fruit on a grass verge in Hawke’s Bay. Customers returned week-after-week raving about how juicy and flavoursome their oranges are – and soon they had a cult following. From there the idea was born to make them available throughout New Zealand. Picked to order, direct from the orchard – no storage, no processing, no wax and no refrigeration.

Twisted Citrus also have a range of chutney, lemon curd and marmalade as well as other speciality foods. Packed with flavour thanks to Gisborne grown fruit and the traditional recipes, their preserves are a must-have item for the pantry. Buy them when you can because they don’t hang around on our shelves for long!

Twisted Citrus use EAN-13 barcodes from on their amazing products.


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