Tot’s Pantry

Tots Pantry


Tot’s Pantry is a frozen foods manufacturer making health convenience meals for young children (1-5 years). We know busy parents don’t have time to make meals for their young family every night, so we make it a little easier, as well as guilt-free! We have been selling meals for over 3 years and this year have celebrated being available nationwide through our website and supermarkets including New World, Pak n Save, Farro and The Baby Bag.

We found Barcodes Ltd on Google. There was a helpful person on the end of the phone to help me understandwhat was needed and how to do it. We got EAN barcodes for our range of 5 frozen kids meals are using EAN numbers and we have the ITF barcodes with our outer packaging. Currently we sell most of our products through Farro and Foodstuffs, with a couple of other boutique stores too. We have had no problems with barcodes and would you recommend Barcodes Ltd.

Check out the lovely meals at Tot’s Pantry.