Tiny Tails


Inspired by our little joyful bundle “Buster” and current New Zealand living, Tiny Tails offers quality pet products.

Thoughtfully designed essentials for dogs and their humans.

Driven by solving pain points, we obsessed over what was working and what wasn’t to create a place that didn’t leave you choosing between design, convenience and affordability.

Committing To Care

Our top-notch products set a red carpet for you and your pet to always strut in style together. From their everyday beauty and wellness regime to fine training and delightful playtimes, we specialize in transforming all spheres of your pets’ lives with a touch of panache. An elite cat, a humble hound, or an entire pet family, whatever you have got, let’s pledge to return them a part of their love.

Products include leashes, grooming, health, cleaning essentials, toys and chews.

Tiny Tails offer free shipping on all orders above $59 for NZ and $149 for Australia and Oceania.

TinyTails has been getting their product barcodes from Barcodes Ltd since 2019.