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Sweetas Popcorn

In Raglan, New Zealand, Sweet As Popcorn started in the garage of Founder and Director, Bill Neal.

He sold his products at Frankton Market in Hamilton on the weekend and soon had fans and regular customers.

Since its inception in 2010, Sweet As Popcorn has started to appear in supermarkets, dairies and service stations around New Zealand, with aspirations of furthering our growth through exporting.

Sweet As Popcorn is a classic New Zealand start-up story.

Once Bill’s dream outgrew his home, Sweet As Popcorn moved to Hamilton’s Innovation Park; a place suited for the company’s innovative roots.


Why did you choose Barcodes Ltd?

Once we started designing packaging designs we knew we needed barcodes. After doing a Google search, we came across Barcodes Ltd. They were super easy to work with and always efficient so we have continued to use them without any issues to date and would recommend them to anyone looking for barcode solutions.