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Pure Alofa is a home-based business in Auckland which makes and sells natural bath, body and therapeutic products.

Our products are coconut oil based and hold a Pacific Island vibe using tropical scents and some ingredients sourced from Samoa.

Why did you choose Barcodes NZ?

After doing a Google search, we found Barcodes NZ suited our small business needs as we are only just starting to look at getting our products into stores and as we only have a small number of products that we are starting with it was also convenient and cost-effective to buy individual barcodes.

We are only in the design process at the moment to try to get into retail stores, but we were and are selling directly to the end users via our website https://www.purealofa.co.nz without barcodes.

Our Samoan Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 1L and 500ml and Virgin Organic Coconut Oil Sachet 10ml – The Samoan VO Coconut oil label designs are complete and have been used in our proposals/presentations with the barcodes we purchased (not being sold yet).

So far, everything has been a breeze, and I loved how quickly we received the barcodes after purchasing. I feel Barcodes NZ is a great option for small/startup businesses like ours (and larger/growing businesses) as the process for purchasing is so simple. I’m also very pleased with the communication and service.