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Puhoi Coffee is a boutique coffee roaster which originated in the historic village of Puhoi, north of Auckland. Established in 2007, Puhoi Coffee house blend uses only 100% Fair-trade Organic beans.

Puhoi Coffee offers a range of single origin coffees, one signature blend and also a decaf. All our coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure premium quality and taste. Puhoi Coffee is available via email or text, or from a few places dotted around the central North Island including Cafe Irresistiblue in Cambridge and Polar at Mount Maunganui. You can also get a takeaway coffee from one of the many events that the Little Bean coffee cart operates at around Morrinsville.

Tim is the owner and managing director since 2019. He has been passionate about coffee for as long as he can remember, even coming home from school at lunch time for his daily caffeine fix – back then it was usually a French Press with milk and two sugars. His first professional opportunity didn’t come around until 2001, when he was given the opportunity to be a barista in Hawaii. Since then, he has been able to grow and refine his skillset (and taste), spending time as a barista, trainer, coffee roaster and business owner. Even after 18 years in the industry, he loves learning more about anything to do with coffee.

Fairtrade and Organic

At Puhoi Coffee, we have a range of beans that come from several country origins. Our house blend is a mix of four origins and delivers a pleasing, full bodied, light medium roasted coffee. Expect to find dark chocolate hints, combined with subtle tones of red berries and almond aromas. A lively, yet balanced coffee with earth undertones to balance out the brighter notes. Equally suited to pour overs, filter and chemex. It is complex yet approachable.

Not only is our house blend good for the tastebuds, it is also good for the environment and for the farmers.

Puhoi Coffee uses EAN-13 barcodes from Barcodes.co.nz.



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