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Pioneering Excellence in Apiculture and Nutraceuticals

Parakai Honey Limited (PHL), based in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland), is a leading apiculture and nutraceuticals company in Aotearoa, New Zealand. PHL is dedicated to harvesting from their own apiaries, specialising in bee products, and ensuring each product is manufactured to the highest standards. The company is characterized by its commitment to product innovation and strict adherence to regulatory compliance in manufacturing.

Affiliation with Leading Edge Scientific Research

PHL boasts a strong affiliation with a team of scientists at the forefront of technology in apiculture, manufacturing, and nutraceuticals. This collaboration drives the company’s innovative approach and ensures the application of cutting-edge techniques in their processes.

Customized Manufacturing Facility at Parakai

The Parakai manufacturing facility, meticulously customized by the PHL team, is a testament to their dedication to quality. Here, products are crafted to meet the highest standards, with quality assurance and post-production testing surpassing minimum regulatory requirements.

Visions and Values Guided by Kaupapa

Guided by a Kaupapa set by their chairman, PHL’s mission is to become a world-renowned, ethical, and sustainable honey producer. Embracing the spirit of Aroha (love in te reo Maori), the company aims to share the essence of Aotearoa miere globally. Sustainability is central to every aspect of their honey production, cherishing this taonga (treasure) and extending it to whanau (families) worldwide.

Commitment to Research and Global Collaboration

PHL is dedicated to ongoing research and development in honey and nutraceuticals in-house and through international collaborations. This includes partnerships with industry experts, government agencies, and companies from various countries, ensuring a continuous evolution of their products and processes.

Product Identification and Global Reach

Parakai Honey utilizes EAN-13 barcodes sourced from, reflecting their readiness for global distribution and easy product identification.

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