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Award-winning Olive Oil – Silver Award 2023 NZ Olive Oil Awards

Central Otago’s Ollie’s Olive Oil is a family-owned business specializing in extra virgin olive oil. They use locally sourced Central Otago fruit. The olives are pressed within hours of picking, ensuring freshness. Their oil comes from Tuscan varieties like frantoio and leccino. This blend offers a fruity yet peppery taste. It promises to enrich various favourite dishes.

Their extra virgin olive oil blend originates from select, sun-drenched groves in Cromwell and Bannockburn, Central Otago. They meticulously tend their trees, employing composting, strategic pruning, and irrigation. This dedicated care ensures the harvest of premium quality fruit. The blend incorporates various olives, enhancing the oil’s complexity and taste. Frantoio olives contribute robust, peppery undertones, while leccino adds fruitier notes. Each element comes together to offer a uniquely flavourful product.

The olives thrive in stony, free-draining soil, benefiting from the region’s low disease pressures due to its cold, frosty winters and low annual rainfall and humidity. They maintain a natural approach, avoiding direct pesticide application on the fruit and minimizing weed spray on the groves.

The journey began in the early 2000s with Sue Stark and  Cromwell’s local olive growers. They imported a press from Italy. Central Otago’s harsh climate was ideal for high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Sue’s passion lived on, eventually sparking the creation of Ollie’s Olive Oil. This exclusive, small-batch oil is crafted from 100% Central Otago-grown fruit, with supply varying based on pre-harvest conditions. Some years yield more oil, contributing to the product’s uniqueness.

Today, Ollie’s remains a family affair. During harvest and pressing, Sue’s daughter, Olivia, with her spouse, Steve, and their children actively participate, ensuring the legacy continues.

Ollie’s Olive Oil uses EAN-13 barcodes from Barcodes.co.nz.

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