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New Zealand Southern Pacific Seaweed, Ocean&Green Organics is a niche New Zealand company making premium quality 100% pure and sustainably-sourced marine products for your health, well-being and beauty needs. ​ Our supplements and sea health products are high quality, organic, GM-free, and most importantly local and fully traceable. Check out the product’s harvest location coordinates on each of our bottles!

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We are proud to locally source the hero ingredients of our marine-based supplements right here in New Zealand. With growing confusion around ingredients like fillers and preservatives, we stand solid in the traceability of our range. We harness the power of nature’s superfoods like seaweed and marine collagen, harvesting New Zealand’s uniquely nutrient-rich ocean.

100% Pure New Zealand Marine Goodness

As a niche New Zealand company, from the very beginning sustainability has been at the heart of what we are about. We hand-harvest our highly regenerative seaweed from the New Zealand ocean. ​ We take great pride as the only kiwi-based brand sourcing our marine collagen from New Zealand shores. We are fully committed to keeping our footprint light across our processes with our natural and organic range.

  • 100% Hand-Harvested from the wild
  • 100% Organic & Vegan
  • 100% NZ Ocean
  • 100% NZ Packaged & Produced

Used for centuries by many cultures for nutritional and medical purposes, today modern science has revealed why incorporating seaweed into your diet is a step towards better health.

Ocean&Green Organics is the health and wellness brand of New Zealand Southern Pacific Seaweed Company Ltd.

Ocean&Green Organics have been getting their barcodes from Barcodes Ltd since 2017.

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