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NZ Veggie Plants is nestled in the heart of Drury, Auckland. The journey started in 2015 as an unbranded venture spearheaded by Rajni. Initiating her quest from a humble hatchback, she showcased a modest assortment of plants at local Kiwi markets. As the seasons and years changed, new varieties were added as Aucklanders are showing an escalating interest in cultivating their own backyard gardens. Now, NZ Veggie Plants boasts a presence in six markets throughout Auckland and has proudly ventured into the digital realm of online shopping.

Their ethos is anchored in New Zealand’s rich soil and robust values, consistently delivering hearty seedlings to Kiwi doorsteps. More than just a plant provider, they empower New Zealand gardeners with complementary knowledge, ensuring success in their backyard veggie pursuits. Embracing the Kiwi spirit of health and self-reliance, NZ Veggie Plants champions the belief that the future is greener, with every home boasting a veggie garden. Their mission? To nurture this green revolution, one New Zealand backyard at a time.

Veggie, Flower, Herb and Fruit seedlings that are healthy and ready to be transplanted into your garden. Deliveries to all of New Zealand.  

Top favourites are;

Capsicum Green

Money Maker Tomato

Black Beauty Eggplant

Asian Fire Chilli(Long Green)

Red Sweet Watermelon

Checkout their free guides below on how to grow different plants; you can download them or print them off, and have them handy when gardening. Any more gardening questions, send us an email on [email protected]

Happy Gardening

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