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NoShortcuts Gourmet Chutneys is a stand-alone business manufacturing, marketing, and distributing, hand-crafted artisan chutneys and relishes.

Through a passion and love for fine food, owner Mary Brons was inspired to create the name NoShortcuts to reflect the care and straight-forward approach that has been adopted in the development and creation of her premium product range. There are simply ‘no shortcuts’ taken in the manufacturing process, with each product being created from fresh, natural ingredients that we all know and understand. At times the preparation and cooking process may seem painstakingly time-consuming, but this labour of love achieves beautiful flavour and texture. For further information visit us at


Why did you chose

Initially, when I started my business, I was selling my chutneys at markets, and the smaller stores I supplied to were happy to sell my chutneys without barcodes. However, as my business started to grow, I quickly realised I was going to need barcodes to be able to sell in the bigger stores. A friend of mine recommended to me. were so easy to deal with, and efficient that is was a no brainer to go with them. I’m now using barcodes from across our entire range, with the top six products being supplied to Foodstuffs, Moore Wilson’s, Farro’s and numerous other outlets. The process has been easy, and the staff at are so wonderful that I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for barcodes.