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Alan was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) at the age of 34 in April 2000. Alan set up to help support others with Multiple Sclerosis. With his wife, Tabatha, Alan saw that they needed to do more than just take the conventional disease-modifying drugs (DMD) to slow down the progression of Alan’s Multiple Sclerosis. It was at this point they realised supplements are one way to have a better quality of life and more energy.

In 2004, Alan was attending a presentation by a Multiple Sclerosis specialist who mentioned Biotin. Biotin is a little-known nor understood member of the B group of vitamins. It was in low levels in the B complex Alan had been taking for years. This got Alan thinking and researching and ultimately putting together his own dietary supplements. Alan is not a doctor, scientist or nutritionist, but his background in mechanical engineering and product development means he looks to develop solutions.  Alan read widely on Multiple Sclerosis and can only relate what has worked for him. Hence was born; a range of dietary supplements specially formulated for MS that Alan hopes will:

  1. make living with MS a little easier
  2. help you sustain your health as long as possible

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Multiple Supplements Founder, Alan Garvin