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Earth’s Kitchen (EK), a New Zealand-based skincare brand, embodies the principle that nature is the ultimate caretaker of our skin. Earth’s Kitchen stands apart with its philosophy of Botanical Intelligence, prioritizing powerful, natural ingredients over synthetic ones common in modern skincare. This ethos is reflected in their new line of wild-crafted skincare products that emphasize the effectiveness and purity of natural ingredients, combining ancestral wisdom and contemporary technology.

The brand’s journey began with its founder, Jules Bright, whose life took an unexpected turn in 1997. During her time in India, a severe motorcycle accident led to her being cared for by locals using age-old natural remedies. This experience profoundly changed Jules’s perspective on healing, sparking her quest to explore and share the traditional healing knowledge of indigenous cultures worldwide. Jules’s exploration led her to achieve triple diplomas in Naturopathy, Body Therapy, and Medical Herbalism, with a focus on Rongoa, the traditional New Zealand native plant medicine. She dedicated herself to crafting and refining a natural sunscreen formula at her lab.

Global Award Winning NZ Sun Protection

Earth’s Kitchen has achieved a significant milestone with its BioGro’s NATRUE-certified natural sunscreen SPF50, the first in the world. Natrue certification guarantees the authenticity of their natural cosmetic products, distinguishing them from those merely labelled as ‘natural’. Over 18 years, Earth’s Kitchen has refined its formulas, ensuring its natural sunscreen meets the highest quality, protection, and skin nourishment standards.

Earth’s Kitchen Sunscreen has been tested to the highest global standards and has surpassed the SPF50. Their latest Lab results came in at SPF65.8 and SPF63.8 after 2 hours water immersion.

AS/NZS 2604:2012 standard

E.U Compliance UVAPF and Critical Wavelength based on ISO 24443 Test

Ek Sunsceen Information

Earth’s Kitchen products have used EAN-13 from since 2017.