Dunstan Road Wines

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Along Dunstan Road, between Alexandria and Clyde, is a family-owned artisan vineyard, winery and tasting room. Sarah and Marc live on the property with their family. Marc undertakes all viticulture and winemaking, whilst Sarah runs the tasting room and is in charge of child and chook-rearing!

Dunstan Road Wines was established in 2002 and comprises 2 hectares of vines, a winery and a tasting room.

The 31 rows of grapes are predominately Pinot Noir, with a single row of each Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, and Riesling. There is also Rosé and a Méthode Traditionnelle available.

Yields are kept low, and the vineyard is managed with sustainable practices. The wines are made with minimal intervention.

Dunstan Road Wines have been getting their EAN-13 retail barcodes from since 2018.

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