Barcodes in New Zealand

Here is some information about barcode use in New Zealand

NZ Barcode numbers

In NZ we predominently use EAN-13 barcodes. These are used on all products except for books and magazines (which use ISBN and ISSN barcodes respectively). You can also use UPC-A Barcodes, however these are far more common in North America. See our Barcode Format page for the differences between these.


NZ Retailer Restrictions

there are very few restrictions on barcodes, however it is probably worth while checking out our barcode acceptance page to see if you need barcode verification or if there are restrictions on our barcodes. This is especially true if you are going into large retailers (such as supermarkets).


NZ Businesses using our barcodes

See below for some NZ businesses using our barcodes:

Biovo Technologies

Phoenix MedCare

Te Whai Bay Wines

Justsoap Ltd.

Quality Marketing Solutions Ltd

Bubble Productions Limited

Nice Blocks

SweetAs Popcorn

Quality Print

Olives on the Hill

Hammerhead Foods

Jaga (NZ) Limited

The Authentic Indian Kitchen

The Chocolate Workshop

Moumoukai Hemp Ltd

Graslabb Limited

Jonny’s Meat Stix

Puss & Pooch

Sierra Rissetto

Energizer NZ