Custom Barcodes

Why is customization a good idea?

This is completely optional and fairly uncommon. However, some people like to make their barcode stand out from the pack a little bit. This is especially pertinent if your barcode takes up a large amount of the product packaging. If there is a way to do this that has something to do with the theme of your product, then it may be something you want to consider.

How to design your custom barcode?

You can design one of these yourself. However, you will need to have a reasonable amount of graphic design prowess. It is more common for people to ask their graphic designer to help with something like this, or we can also help with this if you contact us.

Who offers customized barcodes?

You could get in touch with your graphic designer to see if they are capable of this sort of thing or contact us to discuss what you need, and we may be able to help.

Examples and Links

Here are some examples below


Our Barcode Artwork page has some more examples. Contact us if you have any questions.