Barcode Packages

This page gives a brief description of what is a barcode package. Packages include all the required barcode items to begin selling your product, including a number, images, a guarantee and registration. All barcodes purchased from us include free registration on and several other internet databases.

‘Package’ means you are getting the barcode numbers and the barcode images. Some clients buy numbers if their products never get scanned at a checkout (say they are shipping direct but need the barcode number to list on an online retailer such as Amazon or Shopify). Most products will be scanned at checkout, so the most popular product we sell is the ‘barcode package’ (barcode number and image).

Information on using your barcode can be found here.

Standard Barcode packages – These are good for any product except for books and magazines

UPC Barcode Packages – UPC Barcode packages for use in the USA or Canada

CD Barcode Packages – Barcode for your CD

DVD Barcode packages – Barcodes for your DVD

Here are some of our clients.

Sweetas Popcorn  Eurotech Lighting The Sleepstore


“Brilliant, thanks so much David.” Liz

“Thanks for sending these through, it has been a very streamlined process.” Alana