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We're available to provide support - we enjoy helping and advising, so please contact us with your queries. David Allis, Director

We’re available to provide support – we enjoy helping and advising, so please contact us with your queries. David Allis, Director


Barcodes New Zealand is the best independent source for barcode numbers in New Zealand and Australia. As an independent company, we don’t charge any annual license fees – you can buy barcodes for a one-off price. If you need them, we can also provide barcode verification reports – and consequently, a larger number of retailers accept our barcodes than those from another barcode vendor in Australasia.

Our barcodes are EAN-13 format codes and are therefore ideal for use on any retail product. You can use our barcodes in New Zealand, Australia, and worldwide. Our team has many years of experience and can offer excellent advice about barcodes, so please contact us if you have any questions!

Barcodes New Zealand was formed in 2007 because we struggled to find an affordable barcode for an original item created through one of our other companies. We were informed that we had to become members of an international barcode organisation, pay their expensive ‘membership’ fees annually, and purchase many barcodes. We couldn’t afford to do that.

We soon found out that many other businesses in New Zealand were facing the same challenges. That is why we decided to form Barcodes New Zealand – to help other people and businesses in NZ get affordable and legal barcodes for their products.

As a client of Barcodes New Zealand, you score:

Barcodes you can afford

The price of one barcode (including an authentication certificate and images) is $59. The price drops if you purchase more barcodes.

EAN-13 Barcode Numbers

The barcodes we supply are in EAN-13 format (the standard barcode format for retail products in New Zealand and most of the world). We can also supply UPC-A format (American format) codes if preferred.

Barcode Verification Service

Some retailers require barcode verification (an official test scan of your final printed barcode). As a client of ours, the verification reports you can get are performed on the latest verification equipment following internationally accepted barcode standards.

Quick Delivery of Barcodes

Our automated barcode system now delivers EAN13 barcodes instantly (including CD, DVD & Amazon barcodes). Other barcode orders are processed manually within a few hours of receiving them. In addition, all barcode orders are checked manually to ensure accuracy.

Excellent Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our exceptional (and quick!) customer service – read some of our recent customer feedback.

Authentic and Guaranteed Barcode Numbers

Barcodes New Zealand is a charitable trust-owned, Auckland-based, registered New Zealand company. Our company is registered as “Barcodes Limited”, and our details and Certificate of Incorporation can be viewed on the NZ Companies Website. Read about the charitable trust Better World if you want to know more about our charitable activities.

Barcode Ownership

When we assign your barcode numbers to you, you will become the legal owner (forever). You can use our guarantee certificate as proof of ownership.

Barcode Registration

We offer an optional barcode registration service – so you can get your barcodes & products registered on the major internet databases.

* Some retailers in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA require barcode verification (an official test scan of your final printed barcode). To our knowledge, we are the only barcode reseller worldwide that can provide accredited verification reports for barcodes. This means that our barcodes are accepted by more retailers worldwide than those any other barcode reseller.

David Allis

Some examples of feedback from NZ barcode customers

“I really like your company the ability to get a Bar code so easily without the rigmarole of membership and annual fees etc.” Sharon

“From the first telephone call, it has been a pleasure to deal with you and your staff. First-class service – Professional – Excellent advice – Amazing delivery – 10/10 Have recommended others to your company and will continue to do so. ” John

“Thank you for your ultra-prompt delivery! Everything has arrived.” Dianne

“Got them! David, thank you so much! This is unbelievable, this process takes 3 weeks normally, and I got everything in less than an hour. Nice work! ” Alex

“Thank you very much for all the trouble you went through. Really appreciates all the work from you. Hope to deal with you again in future.” Nick

“Hi David, That’s awesome. Thanks so much for your very efficient service.” Mary

“My Barcodes have just arrived, thankyou for that . Am looking forward to using you in the future.” Ross

“Wow, what great service, very fast, and exactly what I asked for, I really appreciate it. So THANK YOU :-)” Doreen

“Barcodes Ltd – the fastest way to get a barcode and what a sensible price. Within a few hours the new barcode was on my artwork and off to the printers. Thanks for a fantastic service.” MG

“The service you provide via the internet for purchasing a barcode is quick and easy and at a very reasonable price. I was able to forward my barcode graphics to my graphic artist immediately, who placed them into my packaging with no problems at all.” Vern

“Thank you David, that’s excellent service.” Kevin

“That was lightning speed! Thank you.” Sitara