Barcode Numbers

If you only need to get barcode numbers for your products (no images*), please order them below. We will send your barcode numbers to you by email – you can then assign them to your products and start using them straight away.

* “barcode images” = the actual barcode picture that gets scanned at the checkout (vertical black bars and spaces with the barcode number printed underneath). If you need the barcode images for your barcode number, please order them here. We normally send the barcode images in 5 different formats (jpeg, tiff, pdf, bmp & eps) so our customers can use the format that they prefer.

If you need your barcode numbers in UPC-A format (American format) instead of EAN-13 format (European format), please let us know when making your order.

We have an option of purchasing barcode numbers without the images because some of our customers only need the barcode numbers (eg. if they are selling their products on Amazon; or if their graphic designer is able to create the barcode images).


“Through another company, we were previously a subscriber to EAN for barcodes. As a small producer and marketer of tropical fruits, the $600+ every year was a major impost, along with all the other legislative compliance we were required to meet. However, what really irked was the confusion that arose every time we wanted to introduce another barcode. Even though we supposedly had thousands allocated to us, how to get one printed on a label was a machivalean process. The service you provide – one barcode, one price, delivered tomorrow – is the way we like to do business. EAN might work for international conglomerates, but it confused heck out of us” Keith N

“Thanks you so much David!! It may be a while until the next book but I’ll know where to go :)” Christine A