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Zorilla Men’s Grooming started in June 2018. The two of us were talking how crazy the female make up business was going but little for men.

Zorilla has a wide range of big brands including MMUK Man, Shakeup, Shop Earthly as well as Zorilla. Products including moisturisers, acne, anti-aging products, cleansers and toners, makeup, shaving and beard-care products, deodorant and cologne.

We work with some fabulous stockists in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. Over this past year we have taken on more brands under our umbrella such as Dark Heart Beard, Earthly Bandits as local businesses. We have also secured ShakeUp Cosmetics for Men further broadening our offer of make up for men. Visit our website or see us at The General Collective Show, The Bride and Groom Show, The Healthy Living Show and The Green Expo.

Zorilla Dee Zorilla BB CREAM BRONZE SPF FRONT IMAGE UNPACKAGED 400x400 1Zorilla mmuk man age defence concealer