Zealandia Honey

Taupō-based Zealandia Honey is a visionary in New Zealand honey production. Honey from New Zealand contains unique markers that are scientifically proven to be present and independently verified by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. Genuine Manuka honey comes from New Zealand.                                                                              Zealandia Honey logo

Zealandia Honey jars with snowy mountains in background


Fully traceable to the source

You can find the exact location where your honey was harvested by the beekeeper. Zealandia Honey® Track & Trace system provides one simple interaction to verify the quality, purity, authenticity and potency of your honey. Every single jar of honey contains a unique QR code allows you to access all relevant information about the honey in your jar. including independent test results from accredited laboratories.

zealandia honey BIO 400+
Recycled Mateials

The first company in New Zealand to pack in recycled plastic for supplier.

BPA Free

The jars are BPA free to ensure safe consumption of the beautiful honey.