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Three Gems Natural Skincare has been using barcodes from since 2018.

Louise reviewed

“I found Barcodes Ltd through a Google search and liked the sound of the product. I chose Barcodes Ltd for the longevity of the actual barcodes, and liked the fact that it was a one-off purchase, not an ongoing cost. I started selling my products without barcodes initially. All of my products now have barcode numbers.  These will be sold in boutique retail outlets around the Nelson region, and possibly nationwide towards the end of the year. There were no challenges or problems.  The download link for the barcodes was delivered to my inbox instantly, allowing me to use them immediately.  The usage information was extensive and easy to follow.

I would definitely recommend Barcodes Ltd.  They are very cost-effective and efficient.  I liked that the barcodes were supplied in several different formats, and came with easy to understand usage information.”

Nelson- based Three Gems Natural Skincare was founded by Louise Routledge. For years, she tried to find an effective antiperspirant that actually worked. Louise decided to experiment with making her own and found a simple formula that worked really well. From that Louise started experimenting with shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils to make other skincare products. She started giving them away as gifts and the demand grew…

Most skincare products are water-based. Water is the primary ingredient. Three Gems Natural Skincare products don’t use water, or fillers, parabens, preservatives or any other kind of chemicals or nasties. All you’re getting is the pure goodness of organic shea butter, coconut oil and valuable plant-based oils added for their stimulating, nourishing and healing properties and scent.

Three Gems Natural Skincare was born. Products are sold at the Nelson market and online. The feedback has been phenomenal, and Louise is delighted to be creating products that are helping people naturally.

The name ‘Three Gems’s comes from Louise’s three grandchildren; her three treasures, her three gems!

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