Lunatic & Lover

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Auckland-based, Lunatic and Lover make rum from scratch on a copper pot still and craft by hand into small batches. The base rum is distilled from Molasses sourced from the historical Chelsea Sugar Works on Auckland’s North Shore.

It is a New Zealand handcrafted rum that’s true to its botanical name with over 10 botanicals; roasted dandelion and burdock root, horopito, mairehau, orange peel, nutmeg, pimento, bay leaf, orris root, cacao nib, coffee bean and green cardamom.

Lunatic & Lover was awarded Silver at the NZ Spirits Award 2020 and the trophy for the best in New Zealand category 2021 for the Barrel Rested Botanical Rum.

Lunatic & Lover rum uses barcodes from Barcodes NZ (that’s us).

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