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Auckland-based BioKing was born from a desire to create a sustainable cleaning product that can be used with confidence. We call it cleaning by mother nature.

BioKing probiotic cleaners wipes out bacteria on any surface leaving them cleaner than chemical cleaning options. They don’t harm the environment or cause the kinds of health problems that chemicals do.

A probiotic cleaning system is distinct from other forms of cleaners as it considers a wider variety of environmental considerations. They work more effectively for a longer period of time. Chemical cleaning products are essentially a point in time cleaning product. Chemicals kill 99.9% of bad bacteria (pathogens) as well as any good bacteria (probiotics). But as we know, the remaining 0.1% can quickly repopulate that surface, re-making biofilm and undermining the cleaning effort.

Probiotic cleaners like BioKing on the other hand, work by rapidly colonising a surface with good bacteria (probiotics) which overwhelm the bad bacteria (pathogens) by consuming all the food and available resources, ultimately killing the pathogens. These probiotics then maintain a presence for up to 72 hours which allow them to prevent further biofilm development and the spread of further pathogens.

Available at BioKing website and Office Max.

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